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batch program, I need help


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Hello, I am trying to create a simple batch program to create a Playlist here is what I have so far

@echo off
dir *.mp3 *.wma *.wmv *.avi /b >"0playlist.m3u"
ren "0playlist.m3u" "00 %cd%.m3u"

My end goal is to have the playlist be the same name as folder that it is in, so for example, if I put the batch file in a folder named "Rammstein - Mutter" than the playlist that gets created would be "Rammstein - Mutter.m3u"

the 00 in the output name are there only to have the playlist at the top when sorted by name.

what I need is to replace %cd% with something that will just give me just the folder name as a veritable output, as %cd% gives me the full path. (ex. "c:\users\public\music\Rammstein - Mutter\")

creating the playlist works exactly the way I want it to it is only a problem with the ren (rename) part of it.

Thanks for any help that you can give.

And yes I have google'd it but the only thing I was able to come up with was %~dp1 which basically does the same thing.


Reason For Edit : Clarification of my end goal

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