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Windows 7 torrent


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I want to get the windows 7 public beta. I've been trying the direct download link that lifehacker provided, but the download keeps cutting off. I googled "windows 7 public beta torrent", and came up with http://www.mydigitallife.info/2008/12/27/w...mipan-download/

According to them, I am supposed to get this file, and open it with transmission. http://depositfiles.com/en/files/t60xwan8a

Now for the important part. Is this legal? Microsoft is obviously giving this out, but is it illegal to get it from here?

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I think he's looking for Beta1 (Build 7000)

as for legality, I would say its a grey area, will you get in trouble for it probably not, does Microsoft condone this, no, do they want you to try the beta and find bugs for them, probably. Without a valid key its only a 30 day evaluation copy. I would say download it and install it (i am).

edit: i was able to get it downloaded from lifehacker.com

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