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Mags like Phrack


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When did people stop using manners? I have seen too many examples of people demanding something. I would definitely suggest sayin 'please' on occasion, it may help.

Thank you darkwolf!! ;)

ok then..please suggest mags like phrack.

Using manners, especially when you aren't know too well, will get you a lot farther

With a simple google of "hacker mags" I found this, http://www.i-hacked.com/content/view/144/48/, as the very first recommendation... Which sounds to me like you didn't implement your googlefu on this one, but I'll let it go ;)

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thanks. ;)

I learnt two thing.Firstly to have manners and behave as a gentleman.Second,to stay awake while I search at google[because i did google it]

Many links are dead.

sorry :( I realized that after going through the links myself... I found a couple:



Hack This Zine

and again, I apologize for not checking the integrity of the link I gave you

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