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XBox 360 Controller on PC


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If it's a wireless controller, it won't work without the reciever. It will charge, but not connect to the PC.

A wired controller will work fine.

Btw, I've run it on XP SP2 and 3, as well as vista.

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Actually, the impression I got was that the stuff you downloaded just gave you a (useless) help file and a (useless) Xbox logo telling you how many controllers you had plugged in. So I pretty much stop that process, and the controller still works fine. Windows recognises it as a Joystick, so you might want to check in "Control Panel>Game Controllers" for it.

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I had problems with this aswell, the the driver that was hosted by microsoft was an older version that didn't support sp3, but you can find the newer one there... just got to dig some!

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