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64kbps Mono Files using PandoraRip and PandoraJar


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it is due to a change pandora made to their service, flash 9-10 gets stereo while everything older gets mono

not sure how to fix it. we will need someone who understands the source code well to fix this problem or possibly make it work with a newer version of flash

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Yeah, I've recently switched to using fiddler, however I am still receiving 64kbps songs. They are in stereo, and encoded with aac or something like that. I belive that pandora has switched to this permanently? Or is everyone else receiving something different?

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Yes - pandora songs are in 64kbs HE AAC by default. The Pandorasaver plugin has an option to convert these to mp3, but I would rather not have one core pegged at 100% at random intervals for about 30 seconds. The modified version I made(see the very last post in that thread) adds support for tagging the mp4 files, so I would call that method better.

keep in mind 64kbs HE AAC is far superior to 64kbs MP3, and the filesize is 2x smaller or more than mp3s at a sufficient bitrate to not loose much quality. (96kbs - 160kbs mp3 is equal to 64kbs HE AAC)

Only thing that you really loose is less mobile devices support HE aac (aka aac+), nor does itunes (it does, but it can't use the HE features and thus they sound poorly). any other media player should support aac with a proper codec like ffmpeg installed, winamp and vlc even have support built in!

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