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Ethical question about cracking encryption.


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I have an ethical question. I bought a script from a programmer a few years ago. It is encrypted with ioncube php encryption. Ive upgraded to php5 and now the encryption is out of date. I cant find the programmer anywhere. Ive paid for the script.

Is it wrong to try to decrypt the code so i can continue using it?

Ive even contacted ioncube. They said it cant be decrypted even it they wanted to. :blink:

Not sure if thats true...

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One question: What would you see as the difference between "encoding" and "encrypting"? To you, it's effectively the same thing.

Encoding is changing how the data is stored (a text file could be ANSI or UTF-8) but not intentionally hiding the data. Encrypting is intentionally hiding the data.

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