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i have what i hope will be a great new idea...


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what if you could take a multiple usb cables... firewire whatever...

it would tranfer data from my comp to my external device or vis versa

and the way it would do this would be to divide the data up and transfer separate portions of data at a time and join it all back together when it reached either the comp/ext.

would this be possible? can data be divided like this?

i assume i could divide data like this but how would i make it so that it would run through both cables...

and how would i ensure it safely joined it all back togethor without screwing everything up O.o?

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hmm... though very possible, depends on the hardware first. Like if your talking a usb/firewire hdd, then you would need to:

1. first figure out how to get the device to enable both ports/ cable connections at the same time

2. but then you would also have on the software/pc part of things

a. some driver devised to connect both instances of the hdd as one

b. and THEN you could make a special IO program designed to MUX (Multiplex, Demultiplex) the information.

Furthermore, it may not work as directed because if the IO hardware in the external hdd only operates at x.mbps, then it would be to no avail.

Sounds like the software side of things will be easier though than the hardware side.

Good idea though. I have thought about things such as this but for multicomputing.

shit I forgot one....

c. Get mux working on the hdd as well...

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nah... that's iffy droz. Yes SATA (Serial ATA) is faster than PATA (Parallel ATA) but USB (Universal Serial Bus) V.1, is not, and V.2 MAY have a wider Bandwidth, but may not have a higher Thouroughput than PATA.

Furthermore, it depends on what the bandwidth of the external housing is for the hdd.

Oh and BTW, SATA and USB are two different things, maybe u think of e-Sata, or External Sata which is faster than all BUT SATA *with which is supposed to be the same*

aint hatin' man but read up on ur terminology~

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Also with the firewire connection, it is faster than USB, and ALSO is a SERIAL bus, but may or may NOT be faster than PATA, here's why:

serially - In series, one after the other, as opposed to in parallel, which can be done more than one at a time

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Ok, how bout this for a reason why not then.....

USB 2.0 has throughtput of 480Mbit/s, right? Well, lets say you get have 6 usb ports on ur rig. they all share that on the internal hub. Who cares if you can connect multiple cables? U can reach the limit on 1 cable.

now lets say you add a whole other controller... well, at that point. good luck (just buy SCSI)

I'm a NO guy.

Optimize ur device, dont reengineer it. unless u r that bored

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What kind of "external device" has multiple USB controllers and can run custom firmware?

Unless you will make a custom micro controller adapter with multiple USB ports, all I can think of is a PC, and for connecting two PCs you have Ethernet :P

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The more USB cables in use, the slower the bandwidth gets anyway, since they all share the same bus, USB divides all devices up in bandwidth speed, up to (I think) 128 devices. Then it stops working for anything chained after 128th device. The more cables you use, the slower your speed gets. If they all go to the same device, your just dividing the speed into as many cables as you have minus the first devices allocated priority, so the speed does not actually get any faster, even when going to the same device it would probably only be as fast as the single cable.

Also, I think it would get some sort of error since USB assigns a uniqe 7bit id for each connected device, I would think you would get some kind of collision on the device or errors in the transfer and end up causing more problems. I'm no expert, but that is just my perception on the subject.

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sorry to blow in your cheetoez there dr.

great idea, i didnt know all of this though, but I will have to say one real positive thing about this: after all the recent negativity in the forums lately, this is a good example of the Forum coming together, for a purpose informative to all of us.

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