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Call for Help! : FAQ's needed


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Every few days we get a newbie posting about one of the following subjects:

  • What laptop should I get?
  • What should I do with my old computer?
  • Which linux I should use?
And so forth... you get the idea. And every time we all jump in with the same answers, the same rebuttals and frankly I can no longer be arsed with this approach. So, what I thought might be a good idea is for you forum dwellers to get together and create a series of sticky posts about these subjects (or others if you have an idea). Just a basic run down that can be pointed to in the event someone asks a question they answer.

Any thoughts on the idea? There is a wiki that can be made use off here, i have no idea who runs the thing these days or how it works though.


What we have so far:

Feel free to add updates, edits or corrections, and thanks to everyone who helps.

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I think a sticky in the Questions thread would work better than a section on the wiki. The wiki should be somehting factual, basic statements of truth and facts. The questions people ask are general in such that people give them their opinions and debate, discuss, etc, on these topics. I think that with respect to opinions and such, it belongs in the forum, and not on the wiki. The wiki is not a discussion board, its a palce to look up facts of information, details on a subject and I feel that is the wrong place to put a FAQ on topics that do not have concrete answers, but instead opinions.

First I think with respect to:

What laptop should I get?

What should I do with my old computer?

Which linux I should use?

etc, etc,

We should try to compile a large list of these questions and then maybe either sticky those or make a subforum under questions. This way, people can just refer people to the FAQ threads as part of the normal user signup that tells people what to read over when first coming to the foums. Like, acceptable use policy, etc, the FAQ section could be included in that as part of their welcome email or whatever. This would help clean up the different threads with people who seem to not know where to ask these questions, or who fail to use the search button to look for common topics. In fact, have a new section titled "Common Questions" or "Most Frequently Asked Questions" with threads under this new section for each FAQ you get from your compiled list of FAQ's. Also make this section not able to take new topics, only replies to the FAQ threads, and you can add new ones as needed for more common FAQ's.

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maybe make another pin kinda like this one but having people update it with some good laptops, desktops, or ideas of what to do kinda of like that list that darkbluebox made but have it in a pin on the questions section?


Good idea but it'll be outdated in no time. Maybe a pin describing the pros and cons of Laptops/Desktops/Netbooks and recommending what each should/could be used for and what they shouldn't/can't be used for. A link to some consistent computer reviewing websites like CNET and similar sites would help as well.

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If one is written then I will sticky it, might even be able to persuade the cast to give people stickers for helping out with stuff like that.

My idea or silentknight329's? I'll start on one if you were referring to mine :) but I can tell you now... I probably WILL forget something or other and it probably WILL have to be revised but hey, anything to help out Hak.5 ;)

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Here... took forever for me to get around to it, but I have something.

Reasons to buy a Desktop:


1. Performance

2. Upgradeability

3. Realiability/Stability

Desktop computers are good for family computers, gaming computers, and home servers. They can be left on 24/7. They can be easily upgraded and can stay current with the new hardware coming out. Desktops can be loaded with RAM, a good processor, video cards, and audio cards for resource heavy games and/or tasks (TMTO, bruteforcing, video encoding, etc.). They can have multiple HDDs with higher capacities than laptop drives. Desktops can also be made visually appealing with little to no effort, and if you really want to get into it you can perform a custom case mod instead of just buying the pretty lights.

Reasons to buy a Laptop:


1. Portability

Laptops are for portability. You can take a laptop almost anywhere, and you'll probably be able to find some WiFi. Laptops are semi-upgradeable; you can upgrade RAM and the HDD but usually any GPU is integrated, therefore, not upgradeable. Many processors are removable and upgradeable as well. Laptops are not for hardcore gaming, though many can handle the basics quite easily. Multitasking and resource heavy processes kill the battery faster than normal though, and the batteries gradually decrease in life the more you use and recharge them. Laptops are somewhat harder to customize too, other than paint and decals.

I've had no experience with netbooks though so I'll leave that to somebody else

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Hiya, ok I'm new here but I had an idea about this. Maybe if someone started a thread about what exactly THEY are using and maybe a little bit about why, and everyone can reply with what THEY are using, you'd get everyones opinion w/o starting a "my computer is better than your computer" war...lol Plus they can add exactly how it's working out for them so the "newb" can get like "realtime" answers for their questions...I dunno, just my 2 cents... :rolleyes:

Also they can add what software they are using whether it be security or utility or whatever, and something they really like or works really good they can recommend it...

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