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Shortcut help in linux


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I am trying to create a shortcut that I will keep on a thumb drive while running Backtrack 3. What I want it to do is open a Shell-Konsole and run a command. I have created a shortcut that will open a shell that works from the thumb drive but I don’t know how to make it execute a command. So basically I want a shortcut on a thumb drive that I click and a shell opens and runs a command in one double click. An example would be, double click on shortcut, shell opens and runs airmon-ng stop ath0. Help would be appreciated.

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this is true, but dont forget, if you run in to trouble trying to do this (as i did) just create an empty file on the thumb drive, insert the commands in there, chmod the file to executable, and global, and then just point the shortcut to the file. (had to do that for sauerbraten once)

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