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I have been using the open source music player Songbird for a long time now.

I decided i make a thread about it here for the people that havent heard of it.

I love it. It runs under Linux/Windows/Mac. Has many features.

Its changed alot since i first found it back when they were still comming up with ideas. I personally think that they changed it a little to much but its still a great player.

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It looks just like iTunes except it wont sync to my iphone and it seems not to handle podcasts.

I understand why there's a need for a linux version of itunes, but linux has good media players already. I use a mac and a windows pc for itunes because I have an iphone and an appleTV. I use a linux laptop. I'd use a linux version of itunes, but only if it was compatible with my existing hardware.

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I also use songbird because im a fan of the addons and the built in browser is fairly handy. Also you can skin it how you want by downloading feathers, or if your artistic, you can make your own because its fairly easy. A couple addons i would suggest besides the ones that are already suggested during the install would be LyricMaster and MinimizeToTray revived.

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Mat, I agree exactly. I would love to use, songbird. Open source, free software always appeals to me more, but I need it to work with my hardware.

I've got an iphone and I'm running Vista on my desktop machine. If it weren't for the fact that I can't sync my iphone with linux I would be running it at home as well as on my portable.


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