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Smart Bomb

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Does anyone know of a way to get a list of clients that are associated with other Aps. Kismet makes a list but you need to exit kismet to update the list and I don't know if you can output the list in airodump-ng. I was trying to make a smart bomb that you could select one or all the clients that you want to deauthenticate. That way you would only attack known clients and it would stop the attack when the clients joined the karma ap. I was hoping that by doing this way you could run karma and the deauthenticate attack at the same time. It would also allow you to see if there is any targets in the area and maybe allow you to detect a karma ap too.

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There is no deauth attack in Jasager at the moment, most of the discussion is around using something like a DS to do the deauth attack.

People have suggested adding MDK to the fon, I'm about to start talking to someone who already has it in his firmware so it may not be too hard.

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I know I'm playing with the firmware that has MDK3 on it. I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas as to how to get a list of the clients. That way there would be a working script if and when karma is added.

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