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Jan 09 desktops


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Well Since my laptop is only 1.3ghz with 1gb of ram and is 3+ years old to me it can't handle fancy effects and backgrounds and still perform the way I need it too. So I just made weird configurations and that's what came out. But don't worry one I get my car within the next couple months I'm going to put together my own rig.

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Here's my desktop from my laptop. just got done reloading.


Here's my desktop from my... desktop. which one is the correct host os? read below.


System: Compaq CQ50-215nr


RAM: 2gb

HDD: 160gb

Proc: AMD Athlon X2 QL-60 1.9ghz


Leopard Skin Bar: StyleXP

Dock: StarDock

Icons: Misc. I ripped off the web from here and there :D

Sidebar: GoogleDesktop

And still workin' on it..


System: Homebuilt

OS (HOST): Vista Business SP1 *32bit

Guest OS's by appearance: Linux Mint VIA Virtual Box, Ubuntu 8.10 VIA VMWare Viewer


/Proc/AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+

/mtb/Asus M2N4-PCI

/video/MSI Nvidia 8600GTS

/.mem/2Gig G-Skill

/media/WD 1TB Green Drive Sata 3

/mnt/ASUS DVD-RW w/Lightscribe

/Case/Apevia X-Cruiser Silver/blue led

/etc/video/Sceptre 20.1" LCD Flat/Wide

Vista Multiple desktops by: Yod'm 3D (OG Version, not the pay 4 ver)

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I assume Mac users are also welcome.



Neko the cat, who follows my mouse when I'm on the deskop.


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Your mac isn't as smexy as mine is.


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