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Stunbled on this and thought it might be a nice addon for jasager. Jasager is mainly ruby so maybe an application from here can be ported. Havent really looked over it but there has to be something.

Ronin is a platform for information security and data-exploration tasks. Ronin harnesses the elegance of Ruby (one-liner convenience methods, sparse monkey-patching, meta-programming, Domain Specific Languages (DSL) and duck-typing) to provide the user with a robust API, an extendable command-line utility and a customized IRB console.



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From a quick read this seems like a client side framework/platform for testing servers. As Jasager is aimed at targetting clients I don't think they two would fit together.

If you've got time to give it a better read the can find an area where you think the two could come together let me know and I'll look into it.

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