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Locks and Physical Security


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I know it's not "computer security" but the title of this forum is Security & Hacking. So I thought I'd bring it up. I like physical security almost as much as I like InfoSec, and the lockpicking/locksport community is pretty interesting. Another hang-out of mine is http://www.lockpicking101.com/

Some stuff I've written on physical security, cracking, bypassing and picking locks that you might find interesting:

HiR: Cracking thumb-wheel combination padlocks

i-Hacked: Smuggling lockpicks past the TSA

HiR: Series - Make your own lockpicks

HiR: Bypassing merchandise display locks

HiR: Shimming a cable lock

Other papers and links I've enjoyed this year:

Sploitcast: Why high-sec locks are pickable

The Open Locksport Guide to lockpicking

Barry Wels' (DefCon, HOPE speaker) Blackbag Blog

Post some of your favorite links and sites for physical security and locksport stuff.

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