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Imaging HDD question


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I just got a new Wester Digital 250 SATA HDD to replace the 40GB in my laptop. I would like to keep EVERYTHING so I want to do a full image of the disk but is there any concerns with trying to install the image onto a bigger HDD and what will installing the image do with the extra space? I dual boot Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop and XP and us GRUB just FYI

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For the XP side, I would recommend Acronis (the trial will do the job) and for the Linux side i recommend dd.

Acronis should be able to do it all in one... though you will probably want to do it a partition at a time so you can resize them individually.

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Can't I just image it "bit for bit" kind of and then resize the partitions using QTParted or the like? And would it copy the MBR and everything?

simple dd if=<drive> of=<new drive> would do that, and yes you could move and resize the partitions and it would copy the boot loader as well, but I would avoid this method. I would avoid it because resizing the first partition(s) would involve 'moving' the last partitions(s). Doing things like this 'scares the crap out of me'. I'd recommend imaging one partition at a time and resizing them as you put them on the new drive so no 'moving' in involved.

To copy the boot loader off a drive dd if=<drive> of=<file> ibs=512 count=1 should do it.

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