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COD 4 vs. COD 5


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Cod5 I would assume since n00bs go out and buy everything with a 2, 3, or 4 at the end without making an appropriate consumer division.


Just had to vent that real quick.

I think cod5 is great because of the dogs and the minor extras. However, it's pretty retarded. I remember when they announced it and I said to my friends "Wtf are they thinking? Is it just a coincidence that cod has gone down the toilet and when you introduce it to a MODERN setting people are more happy with the results!?"

It seemed to be pretty true since modern combat two comes out right after 5. The demand is so obvious. cod5 sold well but hype will do that to people. I'm not saying it's terrible. I like a lot of the stuff in it. It's just retarded like that. I'm tired of wwII when it comes to cod after I beat big red one and all it's predecessors from the start.

The straight up fuk1n truth why it sld so well is because it's cod4 with a wwII mod (obviously) with some minor added stuff imo. I would be disappointed if they changed the formula, the new approach just works.

The answer is of course cod5. It doesn't matter anymore, since the launch of cod4 it's going to be whatever game ends in the latest digit. That is until n00bs get associated with their favorite and assume to have the right to critique and get into hardcore flame wars even though their n00bs.

I'm simply speaking as a change of pace standpoint. Same game, different world, more people online.

Now it depends. WHO you'd like to play with. That's the real question. Modern and 5 have a much different demographic from what I've seen.

Sorry about the TLDNR

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