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Need help and Suggestions


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Hi all

I need ur help in giving me some suggestions for my capstone project>>

Am in IT Field (SEcurity) and I was thinking about this topic "Ethical hacking" but some told me that it wont be that interesting>> So what do u think???!!

Am really intersted on doing something practical that will help some companies or give an awareness to people>>>:$ actually dont Know what to do exactly : :wacko:

Just give me any topic that comes through plz :rolleyes:

Waiting 4 ur Suggestions

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the only ethical hacking is the kind you do on your own system.

if your bank has a major security problem, cancel your account and switch to one with doesn't have the security problem, but don't report it or you will be in a lot of hot water as they will assume you hacked them and will press charges

no good deed goes unpunished so don't report any problems, if you notice a security problem, and it has to do with another company, don't say anything or you will be blamed for it

theres nothing ethical about hacking someone else's crap as someone always has to take the blame and the easiest person to blame is the person who reported the problem, because your right there and are a easy target.

a companies interest is making money, and nothing says profits more than a lawsuit they don't care if your innocent or not, if they can get money out of you then they will rather if your a criminal or not

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I don't understand why every one who posted is so down on Ethical Hacking? If you wanted to get a high paying job as a security professional, CEH and CISSP certs are something an employer would look at when hiring you to work for their company. If you want to be able to protect a system, you at least need to know how to break into one. What you do with that knowledge is up to you, but those skills would benefit anyone in the IT field, wether your a white hat, black hat, or in between. Ethical hacking is hacking.

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