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What do you guys have against Chris Pirillo


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I was just wondering what people have against him. I try to listen to as many podcasts as possible, and in a whole load of them, they just don't take him seriously. I'm just asking, why? He seems okay, kind of dreery, but okay.

1) Who says we have anything against him, and

2) Why would we care what people think? Do we not have minds of our own?

This isn't the Chris Pirillo site, and some people here might not even know who he is, so whats with the "assumption" we have something against him? If people do, so what, that is their opinion. Nothign wrong with that. And no, I'm not flaming you, just wondering why people would even care. I'm sure there are plenty of people who have conflcting opinions of Hak5 or Revision 3, etc. I won't lose any sleep over it though, its just opinions.

If you like the guys show, who cares what other people think. Right??

@VickiWong - I can't tell is that was sarcasm, funny, or serious...

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Chris? Is that you?

I know that was sarcasm, but probably not considering...


Hak.5 Fan ++

14 years old


London, United Kingdom

Born Mar-4-1994

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0.o, lol

Following convention here:

1) I didn't say it was wrong to not like someone, I was just interested as to why you don't like him, if you don't like him.

2) I did say that it was the impression I got that he was disliked.

3) I also did say he was an okay guy, and as a matter of fact, I don't really watch his video's much any more. There were just so many of them, and they covered topics I really wasn't interested in.

4) I made an assumption that you guys knew who he was, and if you didn't, then now's your chance to check him out. Its not liking I am forcing you to answer this question, I am just asking, those who don't like him, why they don't like him, and those who know him but don't mind him, why that is their state of mind.

5) I am just genuinely interested in why people don't like him. What any of you say will not change *my* opinion of him. It seems to me he puts alot of time and effort into what he does, and I think its good, just not for me.

Just to clear things up a little :)

@VickiWong: If you think about it, I am asking you to bash him, but in a calm and constructive way. :)

@digip: You should probably have highlighted that fact that I live in London, UK too. But, lets be honest, how can you be sure that the information I put in there is correct? That would be, like, making an assumption wouldn't it? God forbid!

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I just gave it a shot and tried to watch a couple of his videos; the key word being "tried". I found him to be rather annoying. When watching the video about the USB lighter he went off on a tangent about how he was not a smoker. Who cares whether he smokes or not? I don't and certainly anyone that's watching doesn't.

That's about all I am going to say about Chris Pirillo. I have wasted enough of my time.

One last question. Why would anyone waste their time posting a bashing thread or site?

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Chris P is a n00b. :P

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for those who don't know who Chris Pirillo is, www.youtube.com/lockergnome, thats his youtube channel. He posts more than one video a day from it, he also has a live feed of his office here: live.pirillo.com. with a community in an IRC channel. he has developed a community at geeks.pirillo.com which is quite new, and he is very open with his community, and in that way he is a very nice kind of guy. I just don't think his videos are for me.

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