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A little christmas fun


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Hey, want to pull a practical joke on your friends?

Well nothing better then the blue screen of death don't you think? make your friends think there system is chashing each time they enter the screensaver, by autoinstall microsoft sysinternal bluescreen screensaver automaticly...

Link and description here

Happy hacking holiday

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I think the real joke is to make a BSOD on someones linux or mac machine, and see how they react. The same could go for Windows users, throw a Kernel panic on the screen and see their confusion. Now that would be funny.

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i cant remember exactly what it was but theres a registry edit you can do to map an actual bsod to a ctrl+shift+key combination lol

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Yeah Roguehart, its CrashOnCtrlScroll.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

If you put that into a reg file and run it, it will enable it for you. But be careful because this is an actual BSOD, not a fake one.

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