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upgrading jasager v1 to v2

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Has anyone successful upgraded from v1 to the latest version, I waited to see what issues came up and for them to get worked out. I try to upgrade my Fon I followed this order after finding out it was better to reboot and clear out the ruby packages and it successfully upgraded jasager to v2, before that I was getting the out of memory error like others who have posted here. So with the Ruby core and Ruby-rexml installed I:

Reboot Fon

Upload the following files to tmp with winscp




Run putty and log in as root

ipkg install kmod-gpio_2.6.21.5-atheros-1_mips.ipk

run the following command:

echo proc_gpio > /etc/modules.d/80-gpio

ipkg install jasager-madwifi_1.ipk

ipkg install jasager_2.1.ipk


after it rebooted I try to pull up jasager page I got the redirecting to jasager main but it pulled a page up show html code not the gui page for jasager.

I try reinstalling the jasager_2.1.ipk but i get the fork memory error again like others posting here. So I ended up rebooting the Fon upload jasager_1.2.ipk to tmp running putty and logging in as root and issue the ipkg install jasager_2.1.ipk-force-downgrade to get me back to the orginal jasager web gui I had.

I am just wondering if I was doing something wrong or I am missing something. Those who have upgraded from v1 to the latest v2 what was the exact steps you followed.


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