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Speaker Configuration


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I need some help. I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate x64, and the default windows speaker configuration doesn't seem to have as many options as Windows XP.

I have an ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard and have Realtek AC'97 Audio drivers installed. Currently I am using my monitor speakers which are plugged into the "Main" audio output on the back on the motherboard. I have recently purchased a second monitor and have connected the speakers on this to the "Rear" audio output on the motherboard (In theory I could connect to this to the "Side" output)

Now what I am trying to find a way to do is someone get Windows to replicate the sound that is coming out on the "Main" onto the "Rear" so that rather than having Front and Rear audio I just have Front but on both monitors, this would effectively give me more volume?

I have had a look on Google but I can't find anything, perhaps I am using the wrong search terms.

I have had a couple of thoughts though;-

1. It would be nice to treat the left hand monitor as purely the left channel and right as just right, this would be quite advanced and I image I will end up with both channels on both monitors as normal.

2. If no one can suggest an application that can configure this for me, I guess I will have to simply purchase a splitter and split the "Main" output and plug both monitors into this.

3. I don't want to purchase additional speakers (not because I'm being cheap, but I don't have the desk space for them)

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