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Powering the Fon

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I notice from digininja's descriptions of cable making, and from the pictures that he's labelled of the Fon's mainboard, that there's a spare pin there (thanks for the pics and tutorials by the way digininja :)).

Does anybody know if that's the +5v pin that doesn't seem to otherwise be used from the USB cable? If so, would it be possible to connect the USB +5v to this and at least power the board?

Thanks :)

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It isn't 5v, the Fon takes 3.something. That is why you need to make the cable from a special one, not a normal usb cable.

The extra pin is for voltage but I don't know if it will power it, I haven't heard of anyone doing it so I doubt it. The closest I could find is this http://fonerahacks.com/index.php/Tutorials.../USB-Power.html which is how to power it from usb but through the normal power socket rather than directly.

I also think that because this is a serial cable interface rather than a usb interface that it wouldn't be as simple as powering a normal usb device.

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