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Public Key Authentication from any computer

Satal Keto

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I have a server running in my living room, which I would like to be able to get access to it from uni and work. Now although I have a nice strong password (21 characters, not in the dictionary etc.) I would like to try and use something like Public Key Authentication. Although to the best of my understanding PKA is between two computers, which unfortunately would mean that I would have to generate key's on each computer the first time I use it and then add it to my servers authorized_keys.

I was wondering whether anyone knows of a way that I would be able to have a key which would allow for me to connect to my server from any computer as long as I had putty and the key with me.

Thanks for any help in advance

Satal :D

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The key isn't computer-specific. Create a personal key file with PuTTYGen and make the server accept those credentials. Then put this generated .PPK file on an USB stick along with Putty, pre-configured to use this file and away you go.

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Coopers is right, all you have to do is generated one keypair (public & private). puttygen makes it easy, but then the private key can only be used with putty, which is fine if that's all you plan on using. Just make sure you keep that private key safe.

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