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Error Installing webif

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ok so like before while trying to install jasager the fon locked up and froze. still when i start over i think ill try a general version but im starting to wonder is it really webif or openwrt? i mean webif sits on top of openwrt so that could be the problem but when its up and running nothing out of the ordiary happens so maybe its ok. still with webif doing its thing where it cant download all that junk it wants so what about a different web interface other then the one used? does anybody think thats why jasager keeps freezing up and wont run properly? well im going to try some different things and play around with it alittle but if anybody has had any success in this area plz tell.

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ok i as of now im running a different version of openwrt and i telneted in and used the command cat /proc/cpuinfo and i learned that my router has a model MIPS 4KEc V6.4 so if its not the newer atheros then why am i having issues? so maybe its just whatever webif couldnt download could be gumming up the fon. anyway here is what i am seeing on the screen.

system type: atheros ar2315

processor: 0

cpu model: MIPS 4KEc V6.4

bogoMIPS: 183.50

wait instruction: yes

microsecond timers: yes

tlb_entries: 16

extra interrupt vector: yes

hardware watchpoint: no

ASEs implemented:

shadow register sets: 1

core: 0

VCED exceptions: not available

VCEI exceptions: not available

but on this site http://wolfpaulus.com/journal/embedded/fonera0.html

it says that this processor CPU: Atheros AR531X_COBRA - MIPS 4KEc V6.4 - 183.50 MHz is the new one

im still working on it carefully so ill keep ya posted

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