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any one know how to PROPPERLY remove it?

i installed it. n it said complete. i go 2 run it and it says some shit about that the wmplayer.exe is version 11.76.4574.67568.4.78478. or summit but it was expecting or sumit

ive tried reinstalling, system restore points.

i just want WMP10 back

bastard micosoft :@


the front page doesn't say u have to run "wmfdist11.exe".this caused problems with people who only ran "wmp11.exe".

the proper process should go like this:

1) extract

2) run "wmfdist11.exe"

3) restart

4) run "wmp11.exe"

5) run the wmp shortcut

6) finish

or if this doesn't work....

try putting step 5 b4 step 2.

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agreed but I do like when operating systems are open source, why? becuase its a lot easier for anyone to find a flaw and patch it.

I feel the same, but its also the same about programs, especially ones like Apache which also need to be secure. Another plus is that it is easier for people to create plug-ins, and other extras for the people to use in the software.

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WMP? Ugh, I gave up at 8 and went to winamp - works wonderfully for my needs.

How to remove it? - Burn your hard drive.. It's been infected with micro$oft spyware nonsense and therefore a total loss. And I just had to give you the same solutions you give to everyone else. :twisted:

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