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SSH Tunnel Firefox addon


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I found this great Firefox addon called Switchproxy. It allows you to set up multiple proxy configurations to use within Firefox. I like it because it can be used to easily enable or disable a proxy. So when you're out on an open WiFi AP or on another unsecured network, you can fire-up your SSH tunnel and easily switch your browser to use the tunnel.


Just thought I'd share this neat add-on.

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50% offtopic, but if you are using windows and as Matt mentioned are afraid closing any windows accidentally, use PuTTY Tray

all i have to do is : WinKey+R -> putty -load {SavedSessionName} and its next to my clock



* Minimizing to the system tray (on CTRL + minimize, always or directly on startup)

* (Tray) icon customizable

* Blinks tray icon when a bell signal is received

* Configurable window transparency

* URL hyperlinking

* Portability: optionally stores session configuration in files (for example: on a USB drive) like portaPuTTY

* Easy access to the 'always on top' setting (in the system menu)

* Reconnects when your PC wakes up from stand-by

* Attempts to reconnect when the connection fails

PS. i also use public-private keys without password, so its little less secure maybe but requires 1% interaction when configured

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FoxyProxy is another one that has a more cluttered UI. FoxyProxy allows DNS requests to the proxied as well, which is likely what you want so your DNS request are encrypted as well. I don't remember if SwitchProxy had this, but the Firefox Network settings allows this.

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