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Barebones Laptops in Australia?


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to all the aussie guys.

does anybody know of a place that sells barebones laptops.

i don't really have that much money, but the problem is that there's some stuff that i want and other stuff that's not really that important to me.

unfortunately you only get an expensive laptop with all the good stuff or a crappy one with not that much at all, i found there tends to be no in between.

so does anyone know where i can get a barebones one. i'm trying to work out which option will cost me the least

basically i'm just looking for a crappy laptop which is obviously going to have linux on it, mabey a bit of warwalking/programming/various internet related activities/must have dvd burner

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Depends on what your budget its, Dell do some good deals on factory seconds (i got around 400£ off a laptop from them), with full warrenty. How long have laptops had DVD burners anyway? Because unless there old enough to be 2nd hand, i doubt you'll find one.

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