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VB.net Missile Command


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This is my first real, public, project I have done.

When the hak5 missile command first came out, I knew I wanted to port it to a different language. Not because I hate java, and I don't, I just wanted to push my self into making something useful in VB.net.

So, I started work on the Missile Command in vb.net.

I'm about 50% done. Got most of the basic coding done, just need to make it work with all the buttons.

The screen shot is a current debug version I have.

The program should be ready for the public in a week or so.


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Just wanted everyone to know this project isn't dead. I have been working most days and because the missile is offline right now, I don't have a way of testing the current build. As soon as its back online, ill get the program finished ASAP.

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