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Hey need some help, we are organising a big lan event, and want to set up a live tv channel both on a big screen and broadcasted through the network, with live clip from matches, scoreboard, interviews and alike. Making all teh video content is not the problem, but i need a solution for bringing it all together. It will be a mix of webcams, local files, images and videostreams, and shall be broadcasted as stream again, my problem is which software to use, i know mac has the "on-air", but we do not have a mac so does anybody know an alernative solution for windows or linux, where you have a output stream through the network, and then can select from a variaty of input sources? I have tried videolan but the problem is that it closes the connection each time i change input...

Any advice?

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for a production environment you should use actual hardware. Have one input going into your computer and the multiple inputs going into a receiver or a switch that you change depending on what you want to show.

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