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Jasager Extension Idea

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Hi All

Ive been thinking about getting the Fon to piggy-back on a nearby open wireless network, therefore giving it access to the internet.

This would open up a multitude of possibilites such as;

>>Connecting back to a PC/Server and giving the pentester remote access for administration, either via an SSH shell or the Web Interface.

>>Using this open network to give Jasager connected clients access to the internet.

The Fon would be stand-alone, instead of having to have a laptop running DHCP server connected to a cell phone etc, so its ultra-compact.

Connected Client >> Jasager >> Open Wireless Network >> Internet

>>Connection to an FTP server for logfile and data upload.

The Fon could tunnel though SSH and establish a secure connection with a server, so a company's data isn't exposed on pentests etc..

I dont know if the madwifi drivers are capable of having monitor mode interfaces and a managed interface for the open network all at once, but maybe Digininja or someone else can confirm this.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!

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This is the designed use for Jasager.

You don't need monitor mode, you can either have two APs, one running karma, the other protected as the owner accessible side, or you have one AP running karma and the other side connecting out in some way, either through a handy wired connection, other wireless or through mobile phone.

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But it this possible with just 1 Fon, rather than having to strap two together??

And also, how would I go about getting a remote Web Interface/Shell for Administration, without having to port-forward a router to accept an incoming connection (ie. Reverse Connection). I guess some coding is involved.

And in terms of the Interfaces, I meant master mode not monitor, sorry :)


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