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Packet Sniffing


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If you are using a router as a "hub" its most likely not acting like a hub but a switch and is smart and knows who gets what packets.

If you want to sniff your brothers network traffic you should do a man in the middle attack.

I would suggest to use cain and abel because it is simple.

Use cain and abel to poison your brothers ARP cache to make his computer think your the router and the router think your his computer.

Then all the packets will be going through you.

You can then open a packet sniffing tool like Wireshark and watch the packets.

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i am about to start my final year project (i am undergrad student ) on Hacking....what we have to do is to hack my friends computer....i know java,c,sql,and a bit of networking(read the books by farhouzen , tannenbum..just that)....my friend has the same ISP though, but i have no idea about the routers in between........can you please suggest me what are the things i need to study for doing the project...............all i am asking is just tell me where to start..........because it looks very confusing..........someone says write java code, someone else says use wireshark..........what should i do?plz reply.

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Install Cain/Abel on your computer. Run it, and your problem is solved. Make sure you choose his PC both wired and wireless. :)

haha yeah if only it was that simple.

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