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Caffe Latte Module for Jasager.

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Hi Guys

I am wondering if it is possible to build a Caffe-Latte module/auto-run script for Jasager, possibly using the new caffe latte attack mode in the latest aircrack-ng release.

It could check whether the selected client was trying to connect to a WEP encrypted network, perform the attack, and save the WEP key to a logfile.

I guess it must be used in conjunction with a laptop running a share, as the fon wont have sufficient memory to save the replayed packets captured by airodump.

I wouldnt know how to go about it myself, but if anyone who would like to give it a go that would be great.

All thoughts welcome.

PS. Has anyone tried running Aircrack with the jasager madwifi drivers, as packet injection doesnt seem to work for me even when I create a new ath interface with airmon-ng and wifi0.

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