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Hak5 lm rainbow tables and Ophcrack not working


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OK, so I downloaded the 119GB lm Rainbow Tables created by Hak5 and fans, and I am trying to use it to crack an lm hash. I am an IT security student in college doing a double concentration, I am not hacking anything illegally nor do I plan to, this is for education use only.

So after using "fgdump" to dump the hashes I used the the hash I wanted with the "rcrack" program included with RainbowCrack. I was able to use the Hak5 tables to crack a nine character password with upper and lower case letters, and symbols in nine and a half minutes. Yay! I then decided to use Ophcrack to do the same thing, and it didn't work. I have Ophcrack installed on both an xUbuntu machine and a Windows XP machine, both fully updated.

When I open Ophcrack, I click on the"tables" button, and tell it where my tables are located (on an external drive). Once I do that, the Windows version of Ophcrack says "You requested the tables blahblahblah, but some or all tables could not be found or loaded." The Linux version gives a similar error. I know the tables are sorted and working, because they worked with "rcrack".

Question 1: Why won't Ophcrack load my tables?

Question 2: What are some other good programs (including Windows ones, other than Cain) that work well with Rainbow tables?

Note: I may eventually turn this into a project for one of my classes (what are Rainbow Tables, how to build, get, use them). If I do that, Hak5 and others who have helped will definitely be mentioned.

Oh, and I'm seeding the tables right now, thanks to all the other seeders!


Hak5 Rainbow Tables Torrent: http://isohunt.com/torrent_details/18856824/hak5?tab=summary

fgdump: http://www.foofus.net/fizzgig/fgdump/

RainbowCrack: http://www.antsight.com/zsl/rainbowcrack/

Ophcrack: http://ophcrack.sourceforge.net/

xUbuntu: http://xubuntu.com/

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The Hak5 rainbow tables will only work with rainbowcrack. Ophcrack only accepts the tables made by Objectif Séurité, the company that produces ophcrack.

There are free tables for ophcrack here, and also some larger ones available for purchase. (The larger ones can be found on tpb)

At http://www.freerainbowtables.com/ you'll find a program called rcracki that is an improved version of rainbowcrack that can crack NT hashes. The hak5 tables will not work with this application, but the site has an extensive collection of other tables in a different format to download. They have a giant collection, and their tables are more space efficient than the standard rainbow table.

Make sure you site 'jjhappypants' for your project. :D

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