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Ghetto Debian PXE

Colt 45 J

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So I have a old Pentium Pro Dual CPU server laying around. I figure I can hack it up into a PXE server. Since it is so old I am thinking Debian would be the way to go to do anything. Any suggestions on how to do this? here are the goals for my server:

Main Goals:

1. Can PXE boot windows xp, disk images, debian, fedora, ubuntu (and varients)

2. Web accessible GUI to control remotely (and so I can just be lazy and just run it headless easily)

3. Relatively speedy (hence why I am looking at debian)

4. Frontend should be from scratch, as I would rather it be a DIY project, or at least a custom project and not some mass program that has a bunch of features I don't need and/or won't use.

So yea, I am thinking of a java applet to do the GUI but not sure if that would work.. As I asked earlier, any tips, hints, or suggestions? Thanks, Colt 45 J

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