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Netbook Crisis


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Good day @ all

I'm planning of getting a netbook for further testing and extending my knowledge on penetration testing. As of now i only have a desktop which means i can't test wireless cracking etc. and if ever i'll be doing that i want it to be on the move.

Now the question is what the best Nebook out there on the market since i have tons of choices to be looking at. As of now i'm eying on AAO or lenovo S10, any recommendation comments etc. will be greatly appreciated.

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well theres about 435 other threads about this exact same thing so ill keep it short. i have a mini note 2133 and absolutely love it. but in my opinion i think the aspire one is the best bang for your buck right now.

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I bought a Asus Eee PC 901, i didn't like the design of AAO. Plus 901 had better battery and bluetooth. The only minus with 901 is main storage, but i use my one as a thin client, so not an issue for me. And maybe a big factor is Eee are the easiest one to mod. You can go for a 900HA, it is a 901 with a harddrive, or a eee 1000.

As soon as you replace a SSD with a HDD you will loose atleast 1 hrs of battery. Battery was very important for me, now i can run whole school day without charging.

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I've also been reading to the other thread out there i just want to ask personally to the hak5.org members your personal experience with netbooks.

As mentioned above, there's a lot of threads asking exactly this in the hak5.org forums (10+).

A search for "netbook" returned 6 results.


Searching for "acer" finds a lot more.


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