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BackTrack 3 on SD WITH changes


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alright so after getting my EEE PC i really wanted to have my BT3 on the SD card to boot to when i wanted ... i got it to boot normaly but now i really want to set it up where i can have changes and save stuff...

few things i ran into when trying this where

one guide said i needed 2 partitions 1 FAT16 and 1 ext2 and you needed to put the boot and BT3 folders from the iso onto the FAT16 partition and the ext2 would be where the changes would take place ... then you just have to edit the syslinux or something to just redirect the changes or w/e but .... you needed to run the bootinst.sh in the FAT16 partition when i did this it would tell me that permission denied idk why .. so if anyone can explane to me what i might have done wrong please let me know ..


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on backtrack 3 beta I would just install and setup the os to how i wanted... then save the session.

It was still a "Live OS" and would be capable of running on any pc, but it also had all my programs and scripts. And another nice part is that I had java JRE, java compliler, and eclipse for school. Eclipse breaks so much that it was nice to have it configured and it wouldn't break (Cause it always reverted to orig session.)

then just save w/e ur doing to ur flash drive.... otherwise it will go bb.

this isn't really a full install, but i preferred doing this in backtrack cause it wasn't a primary os

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