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What Should I Do With My Old Palm Treo 650?


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I've got an old Treo 650, that has finally been replaced by my new HTC Fuze (AT&T's version of the Touch Pro). It's not in the best of shape, missing some case screws, and one of the SIM slot pins is bent, meaning it's pretty finicky as an actual phone. However, I'm sure someone out there has an idea for some interesting hack or mod I could do with this Treo, perhaps utilizing its bluetooth connection or something of the sort. All ideas welcome.

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That's a great idea.

Yup, what are the features on that model? If it does IR then it is a good TV / stereo remote, if you can get any kind of wireless then maybe you can use it as a shell terminal for remote control of the computer, or though a web based interface. If it accepts any kind of memory cards, it can also make a good MP3 player ;)

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