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Wanted: IBM Model M keys!


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I found a Model M from the late 80s, but it has a weird keyboard (having a dedicated key for 'plusminus', the X or C key also has a 'µ', and some more weirdness). The keys consist of two parts: the key itself, and an overlay key that has the actual letter/symbol printed on it. If I take these all off I'm left with a blank keyboard.

I was wondering if anyone has a broken Model M with a normal keyboard layout, and it willing to sell me these overlay keys.

As a last resport I want to make this a "Das Keyboard", but my girlfriend likes to use it as well -- and she's just not nerd enough for a symbol-less keyboard. As a second to last resort, I want to blank out all the keys (remove the symbols printed on them), have a few illustrator/graffiti friends paint the symbols on them, and spray the keys with transparent coating.

But rather, I'd just have original Model M keys :) Anybody who can help?

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I just remembered I have a bag of keycaps! (That's what the 'overlay' is called I think)

Got a few Model M keyboards a while ago. One of them was broken but I took off all the keycaps and saved them.

I'm an old computer collector and I'd be happy to trade your strange keys for some normal replacements. I'll send you a PM.

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I must admit I do like these. It's strange how after years of using something you like going back to what you had, but at the time you can't wait to upgrade. Kinda like games consoles or even cars. In saying this, get to fuck if you think I'm gonna spend that kind of money. Maybe they do a good service, but I'd rather spend half the cash on a modern keyboard. Sorry I realise this isn't really related. Oh and if you're someone who buys one of these - I know Matt was liking them - send us some cash while you're at it, seeming you like to throw money away. Rip off bastards.

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Cab, yes, that place is high, but, there is a reason why people can demand high prices from these keyboards. They're fucking built like tanks. If you can have something last for decades, you're willing to pay a bit more for it, since you're still saving in the long run.

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