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Can't the target access Jasager as well?

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Perhaps I might have a miss understanding or didn't configure this correctly. I have a Fon with Jasager which appears to work correctly because when I turn the little guy on a few people start connecting to it, as well as my own laptop that I used to test.

When Jasager catches my laptop, it appears that I am connected to my home network (really Jasager) and I am given an IP address as usual. The thing is when I browse to, Jasager is displayed, which doesn't seem right because the target shouldn't be capable of viewing Jasager, that kinda defeats the whole purpose? I didn't look yet but do I have to password protected the HTTP server on the Fon to prevent the targets that connect from accessing Jasager (and webif as well?).

Great project btw!

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You can also put an iptables rule in place to stop wireless traffic from accessing the web interface. This isn't done by default as it would probably confuse too many people as they suddenly lose access to the interface.

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