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cant see jasager web interface

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after sucessfully reflashing the fon to jasager v2 i decided to do sum sidejacking all is well, so i wanted to view the jasager web interface and nothing is showing up i not sure what ip i set in it and the DCHP is switch off is there a master switch to reset the fon back to the jasager defaults

Plz help

Gehric B

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Sounds like you changed the wrong setting!

There is no equivalent of the windows restore point, the device runs as you set it, if you break it its broken.

There are various techniques for trying to find what IP it is on, nmap ping scanning the possible ranges,, and any others you may have put it on. You can also get wireshark running and listen for dhcp requests coming from the device when it boots.

The easiest way to fix it though is to use a serial cable, just plug it in and when it boots you have a shell. See my thread on making one for a link to how to do it.

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Didn't think it would. It may be interesting if someone could work out how to trap the button being pressed and make it reset the wired interface to a known IP address.

It is probably something to do with the gpio stuff. Anyone fancy having a look?

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Initially my FON was loaded with DD-WRT v24/

I followed the instructions here: Jasager Install and everything went smoothly. I could not backspace using Putty to connect through telnet and ended up using the nicknames and fco -d (dumb terminal) to edit fconfig. Apart from that I did not see any error messages.

I left my LAN interface set to where I was runnung TFTP from. I used to get to the Jasager interface through Firefox and I get a network timeout. I also used a standard LAN cable and not a crossover. I can ping and geet replies.

What am I doing wrong?

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Got there in the end. Had several memory limit exceptions whilst trying to install Ruby core and Jasager. I used killall and stopped httpd, crond, syslogd etc so that the modules would install. The end result is that version 2 is now installed over what was an existing DD-WRT install. :-)

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