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Building your own hardware then Programming it

Micah C

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Dear Hak5 Community,

I am very interested in building hardware then making it do something with VB for instance. Say we take an LED, is there any way to hook it up to my computer then with a button provided on a VB.NET form make it light up. Is this to complicated? Can I do anything similar? where do I start with this wild idea?

Any input?,

Micah C

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My IT class is centered around robotics for this semester. The robots, the Paralax Boe-Bot, come ready made. You can use their program "BASIC Stamp Editor" and write code in a, somewhat, modified form of BASIC. Takes either 4 AA batteries or a single 9v. They have a USB and serial version and can be debugged onscreen as well. Breadboard is connected to mainboard. They produce many components specifically made for their robots as well. Great documentation of the Boe-Bot and components too.

Paralax Inc. - http://parallax.com

Boe-Bot - http://www.parallax.com/tabid/411/Default.aspx

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