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Hak5, Unite!


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I'm currently working on a project in my Humanities class. It requires the creation, and subsequent marketing of, a website. We (myself and two other partners) created a digg-style site (using Pligg engine) called:


Basically, we figured that everyone has been ripped off, or heard of someone else being ripped off, and wanted to tell other people about it. This site is for sharing stories about injustice, or even just stories that are mildy interesting, or that include technology.

We need help. We are tracking visits with google analytics, and we're trying to get more. The person in the lead currently has around 600 visits, we have 101. Please, if you could, visit the site. Tell someone else, or maybe a few others about it. Our grade depends on it!

I know that i may not be as active here as i wish i could be, i was very active with PandoraRip a couple months ago. Digg.com failed, and i dare not venture into the endless pit that is 4chan. So please, Hak.5, help us out!



P.S.- It might just make you a better person! :D

EDIT: If you also have any more ideas for marketing, by all means, do tell!

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thread has slowed down considerably. So, thus, I must not only double post, but do the unthinkable...


??? Give it a chance man, no need to bump the thread. People will find your site by word of mouth and legitimate means.

You now make it look like spam instead of a reputable post with a legit service. You only posted it here yesterday, what are you expecting?

And besides, were not all here to go play "click the link to my site" game. Thats why you have the option of a sig and website in your profile. If people want to visit after your first post, they will. Probably more out of curiosity of your site, not by you needing to "bump" a thread.

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Hey all. One last update real quick.

The project's final numbers are due Monday. So, we're hitting everywhere we can over this weekend to drum up a last stand for views.

Thank you all so much for your help, if you guys are interested, i can post the final numbers and tell you how we did on Monday:D

Again, thank you all so much, and have a great weekend!

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