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Nokia N810


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*If this is posted in the wrong forum, I do apologize, it seemed fitting @ 4:30AM. Feel free to move it to the appropriate spot*

I was wondering if anyone had a Nokia N810 with packet injection working. I am only asking because I am looking to replace my current mobile "PenTest Tool" (Sharp Zaurus). Just curious if anyone had any experience with the N810. Also any thoughts on the device it self are welcome. =D

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Kalle Valo

The best part with mac80211 design is that the driver doesn't care[1],

it's up to mac80211 if packet injection works or not. I haven't tested

it myself, but my understanding is that mac80211 supports packet

injection now.

[1] Of course the driver might have a bug which prevents packet

injection, but that's just a bug. The driver itself doesn't need to be

know where the transmitted packet is coming from.

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There are currently open drivers in the works. Not sure how far it goes as I've been trying to get shit working myself. As far as I know the n810 wifi adapter in there doesn't natively support packet injection.

I have an alfa 500mW which I know does with so my challenge right now is figuring out how the open drivers intall and work, then getting it all hooked up and seeing if an external usb adapter will work to connect to aps/ do some fun stuff.

If anything new comes up I'll keep you posted but last I saw its still in dev.

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I did see the open-source drivers in devel. Nothing that I could find, however, had been updated since early September. If anyone has any other suggestions on a mobile wifi pen testing tool on the cheap that would be great as well. I really love the N810's design, though, so I suppose I'm a bit partial. Not looking a laptop or netbook, though.

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