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AAO Windows or Linux?


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If hardware is the same then there is no real differency.

You can always re-install which ever OS you like best on your computer.

If you want really need answer I would say get the Windows one, make image of the OS and then install your favorite Linux on it, this way you'll get good OS and backup of your Windows if you ever want to go back to it.

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Get the XP version if theyre the same price just for the key at least.. Linux is free so you can get that at any point in time,

The only obvious hardware differences are an extra 512M of ram and a hard disk 80-160g for the XP versions (compared to 8-16G SSD on linux). I don't think that there's a linux version with the non-ssd storage.

The memory is straightforward to upgrade, but does require pulling everything apart. The HD versions are a bit different using a 2.5" disk that is a bit thicker than the SSDs.

There are some great videos out on the net. Check for TankGrl. (I think that's how she spelled it.)

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Thanks for all he info guys :D. I found out that there is actually a HDD version of the linux one and a SSD Windows XP one (runs very slow apparently). I checked TnkGrl and it was pretty helpful :). I think I'm gonna go with the SSD Linux one, SSD because it will be better for warwalking and warbiking seeing as the drive has no moving parts. (I fucked up my Vaio when I was wardriving and I lost a crucial Windows file and the computer refused to boot xD. Wardriving*Vaio+Speed mountains (not speed bumps)=Dead Vaio :P) and because it suits my budget well. I'm gonna replace Linpus with BT3 and when I update the SSD to a better one I'll triple boot XP, BT3 and OS X. And last of all I'm gonna replace the 512 Mb of RAM with 2Gb, buy a 6-cell battery and possibly put in bluetooth (probably not though, it's probably gonna take me a year to afford the extra RAM and battery xD let alone a new 16Gb SSD.

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