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The Beast

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Hello Fellow Hak5ers :),

I am The Beast I been watching the show for a couple of months now and I love it :) Great Show Long Live Hak5 !!!!

my question is

I wanna take old games which one of the games is Donkey Kong 64 (originally for Nintendo 64) and I wanna make it so I can play it on X-Box 360 How would I go about doing that ? is this easy or hard ?

If you could please get back with me would be very appreciated

Thank You Very Much

The Beast

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You would need to have an emulater, either on your pc or one written specifically for the xbox. Not sure if they have N64 Emulators for the 360 though.

The video shows the person using media center(which connects to their pc) so he can play the games off his PC's game emulator while on his xbox. If you are going to go emulation, then just play them on the pc anyway(You can use the 360 controller on the pc with a USB hack).

Otherwise, see if the Wii has it as part of their arcade/downloadable gaming section and buy a wii if it does(or get a used nintendo 64 - they are cheap enough these days anyway).

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Alright then also How does someone go about making a Xbox 360 controller work on your PC ?

Well, older xbox controllers required you to either buy an adapter or splice one yourself into a usb cord. I think the 360 controllers work out of the box(not the wireless ones), but I don't own one so I can't verify what connector they have on them. Microsoft sells a 360 controller that comes with eveything needed.


Also, next time try google before posting. It was the first hit when I searched for "xbox 360 controller on pc".

Ask questions when you get stuck, not when you need google. We're not a search engine.

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