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Feifunk Ap51

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I started the Flash process for the fon but nothing has happened after an hour and a half. So for nothing has been displayed in the Freifunk window. This step was pretty straight forward so is there something wrong?

yeah. the easiest way to use freifunk is to plug directly into the fon, or use a switch (NOT A ROUTER!) and start freifunk, set the files, and hit go. then, power on the fon, and it should be smooth sailing after that.

what happens is that freifunk will take over redboot upon boot, and start the process. After you turn on the device, redboot waits 10 seconds before booting the firmware image, so freifunk should be able to intercept and start the process.

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I think I killed it. I tried a second time and the flash process went to work I waited 20 minutes and nothing changed so I waited a little longer still nothing.

I thought that I should try to telnet to but the connection failed. Right now there is no SSID or any wireless activity coming from it. although the fons LAN light responds when you plug the cable in.


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Woot, I finally got it! I took a tip from fonerahacks.com and turned the power off then back on and telnet'd over to and now I have a redboot prompt. Now I just need to figure out what to do next.

This is odd. I had to switch to my linux box where I had most of my tools and for some reason I cannot connect via telnet. However, when I use my Windows XP machine it connects just fine.

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