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hak5 hackhouse adobe air app


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okay so i decided to some work on it the plain windows/osx/linux look doesn't cut it, so this is what i came up with in about 12 mins, this was done in fireworks its just an img right now but if you look at the spacevidcast app and see that the buttons can be animated also the app is completly html and javascript with still .png's


another adobe air app i had made for somebody else 'Benjamni' at spacevidcast.com




and darren if you or the rest of the hak5 crew see this please be assured that i will work with yall fully on the way you want it to look and function, also as a thought you might want to look into getting mibbit and then setting up mibbit with the main hak5 server then you can ask ustream to change the the flash chat to your server. you will need to get the xml and the module for the ircd yall run but its not hard also please be free to email me

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