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Downgrading 0.7.0 r4

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Whatever you do, don't plug it into the internet. This guide should help to get you started, and even if it updates by accident, not all is lost. Using a serial cable, you can access redboot and initiate the process.


I try this about 4 time and nothing i even try this


I was able to do the walk thought but nothing. I was up till 3am doing this can some one help :(

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I finally got to the flashing process but now i can't see WLAN led. But now i cant see MyPlace this happen right after i reboot from redboot. Also, when i try to open ap51 it gives me a error " This application has failed to start because wpcap.dll was not found."

Edit: if i have the fon connected with a Ethernet i would get this connection has limited or no connectivity so this most mean that i am stall good because this is the step i need to wire it to my computer for ap51 but that program dose not work.

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I read someone else ask the same question today in another thread, something to do with selecting an option when installing wireshark to get the pcap file installed.

Have a check of todays posts and you'll find it.

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17 - I don't, I leave Jasager running on port 1471

18 - Yes if you did a tarball install otherwise Jasager won't start on boot. If you do a package install the symlink is created for you

19 - A reboot makes sure the madwifi drivers are reloaded and Jasager is started up. If you know what you are doing with loading and unloading modules you can do this by hand but it is quicker to just pull the plug and stick it back in.

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