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can anyone know of a program that can transfer the words from adobe to words document without any error,

This is the proceduer,

Scan onto adobe

then send all the words document from adobe with best word regonition, need to scan 243 pages and be done in 3 days

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Not sure I follow, You want to scan a document into a PDF format, and then save it as a word document? Or did I miss what you were saying.

OpenOffice lets you open PDF's(And edit them) and can save them as pdf, word or other text formats. Best part, its free. As for scanning software, not sure, but you would need some sort of OCR program that saves as PDF format and they usually aren't free. Most OCR to PDF programs are pay for or shareware programs. OCR recognition in a program might be free and allow you to save it as plain text, but lose all the formatting, but OCR to PDF format features might not be free unless you can find it for something like linux/*nix systems. Not sure. You could try Open Soucre alternatives though that install OCR drivers for flatbed or other scanners to convert docs and images to PDF Text format. How far did you get with the allmighty google...


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how you convert a file from pdf to microsoft words via Open Office.Help please thx

Download and install the PDF plugin from their site, open the pdf file in open office, save or export the file and pick a format for the file. It's not really the kind of thing that is too difficult to figure out once you use OpenOffice. it's almost like Microsoft Office to some degree.




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