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Exciting Times Ahead


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  • Fonera+ on order.
  • Reading through the Jasager tutorials.
  • Combing the web for plastic pineapples.
  • Studying for the EnCe exam.
  • Getting ready to purchase a new netbook.
  • Hacking together a re-mastered Linux live CD.
  • Building virtual networks to hack in VMWare.
  • Waiting to receive my new USB bluetooth adaptor (sticks out about 7mm from the laptop).
  • Show 4x14 online now.
  • Drinking very smooth (but potent smelling) vodka, and plenty of it*. :blink:

These are just a few of the things that are destined to brighten up my days (and consume hours of my time) in the near future. How about you guys? What geeky, techy, hackerish, type things are going to be floating your boats over the next few weeks?

* I know that alcohol isn't really 'techy', but what Hacker doesn't enjoy the good stuff eh? :D

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. Building a virtualized TOR server

. Learn Bash Scripting

. Hacking Togethor a re-mastered Windows Live CD

. Studying for the Zend PHP5 Cert

. Watch plenty of hak.5

. Buying each one of my geek friends a SATA HDD Multi-Function Dock with One Touch Backup from usb.brando

. Smoking Weed, Drinking Alcohol and kicking Darrens ass in UT99.

. Build my new girlfriend a website. She's really into photography, and wants to build a website/portfolio to branch out into the interwebs for her start-up.

Yup, that about sums it up. Happy Holidays too all.

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. Got to 'Professional' level on the Hurricane Electric IPv6 certification test.

- (can't go to Guru because my DNS host's own DNS isn't IPv6 reachable)

. Reworking my geektool scripts to give more accurate information when my laptop doesn't have a connection.

. Planning out a gigabit network for the house.

- (want to get as much off the wireless as I can, and might as well upgrade in the process)

. Looking into an AppleTV to run boxee on, as I just recently got an invite.

. Putting together hardware to build a central media server, to replace the adhoc mess I have now.

. Maybe upgrade my 'do everything' server from FreeBSD 6 to 6.4, might slick and start over, redo everything.

- (if I start over I'll redo how I have my v6 setup, maybe switch from BSD to linux so I can get ecmh working without a fight)

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